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Your Local SEO Company in TorontoWe help businesses of any size improve their SEO and get better rankings. Grow your organic visitors, leads, and sales.As Featured OnExperienced & Passionate SEO ExpertsOur team at SEO Toronto is extremely dedicated to its craft.

SEo Toronto Toronto SEO

Your Local SEO Company in Toronto

We help businesses of any size improve their SEO and get better rankings. Grow your organic visitors, leads, and sales.

As Featured On

Experienced & Passionate SEO Experts

Our team at SEO Toronto is extremely dedicated to its craft. You won't find a more passionate group of search engine optimization experts anywhere else.

Our passion for SEO and link building is unmatched by any other company out there. And we don't just say that; we actually prove it every day.

We're proud to be able to help clients who really care about their business succeed online. We know that if you put in the effort, we can help you achieve amazing results.

We're confident that we are better than the typical SEO company because our results speak for themselves. Our founder, has been an SEO consultant since before Google even existed! He founded SEO Toronto back when there were just two major players in the industry: Yahoo! and Microsoft. Today, he leads the way in delivering top quality SEO services to clients throughout Canada and beyond.

We're proud to be born in Toronto, live here, and run our business from here.

SEO Services

Link Building

Our link building services provide high-quality links that help improve your organic traffic. We offer guaranteed link packages for different price points that cannot be beaten.


We create content calendars for our clients' websites, write 100% unique, highly optimized content, revise and edit any needed content, and then publish live to their sites.

Local SEO

Local SEO focuses on making sure you're listed on Google Maps, so people know where you are when they type in a location. We help you get ahead of your competitors by listing you first for high intent local searches.

Keyword Research

Keyword research is an integral part of any effective SEO strategy. We scour the web for the most popular keywords related to your business, brand, product, service, etc.

SEO Audit & Optimization

We perform an extensive analysis of your site and make recommendations for building out the foundation of your site. Now let's get technical and boost your site's SEO score!

Web Design & Development

As WordPress experts, we know everything there is to know about building successful SEO websites. We even start from scratch when creating new ones.

SEO Copywriting

You need to optimize your site so that it converts visitors into buyers. And you need to make sure that your site is optimized for search engine visibility.

Site Speed Optimization

Website speed is an important factor for the overall performance of your website. We offer our web development services to help you improve your website’s load time.

International SEO

Our SEO services aren't just limited to Toronto and its surrounding areas. We've already got lots of clients across Canada and the United States and we execute SEO campaigns anywhere in the English-speaking world. US-based clients get a big discount on the currency exchange if they pay an SEO agency like ours.

100% Transparent SEO

We're all working towards the same for Toronto SEO:

We deliver affordable, ethical and 100 percent transparent SEO services in Toronto and across North America.

With our experience and expertise, we can help you develop an effective strategy for achieving better search engine rankings. We’ll use our skills to improve your site’s performance.

As an SEO agency, we understand that SEO takes time. There is no sugar coating that fact. However, we aim to underpromise and overdeliver. We want to be honest with our clients from the start so they know exactly where they stand before they sign up for any service.

We report every single detail of your project, so there's no need for guesswork. You'll always know exactly what we're doing at each stage of your project. And if you ever have any questions, we'll always be happy to help.

We check every piece of content for accuracy before publishing it so that no mistakes slip through the cracks.

Our Process

We don't have a secret SEO process. We've been executing these 4 steps for years on hundreds of projects of all sizes and across every niche.

We don't try to manipulate Google or take shortcuts. We build ethical and transparent SEO campaigns that lead to lasting success that won't disappear with the next Google update; it all comes down to the basics of SEO and making sure you follow the necessary steps.

The overall goal of an SEO campaign, whether it’s organic or paid, is to rank your site for relevant keywords that people use when they're looking for something specific, and to identify all of the high search volume keywords you should be focusing on so that you can drive the most qualified and converting traffic to your site.

We use the most up-to-date tools and SEO software to uncover the keywords that will help propel your business forward.

We analyze and identify:

  • What keywords you're currently ranking for
  • What keywords they're targeting
  • New keywords we should go for
  • The most sought after action keywords that have the highest intent (or desire) for your service or product offerings
  • Keywords and informational searches that should be targeted through your blog content

The All-Star Team

We don't hire people who haven't been through college yet.

We believe that you cannot learn SEO from books. All our members were selected because they had a proven track record of creating SEO success. They only hired people who already performed well at their job.

SEO Experts and Strategists

We're not really off-the-clock when we step out of the office. At least, not until we get home. Then we start thinking about SEO again. We bore our partners by talking about the latest algorithm changes. That's just how we roll.

We're not interested in working with people who are just starting out in the industry. Nor are we interested in students who are learning from scratch.

SEO Content Specialists

We're the best at writing high quality articles for websites.

Our writers are proud Canadians who write for us from their homes in Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area. They've been carefully selected and trained to ensure they provide high quality content.

Other SEO companies may not be able to provide you with the level of service we offer. Our writers take the time to understand your business so they can write articles that produce SEO results.

Future-Proof your SEO Success

If your SEO company isn't using cutting edge techniques, you might want to be careful about the next major Google algorithm update. You may end up losing all of your "wins" and seeing yourself drop down the rankings. We hear plenty of horror stories every day, but unfortunately most business owners don't even realize it's happening until it's too late.

When you're doing the right thing, you should be excited for the next Google update. Your content is high quality and sharesable, while your earned links are relevant and respected. The Google algorithm has always made more sense than it currently does. It rewards those who do the hard work while weeding out any company or agency trying to take short cuts and quick wins.

We're always trying to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to Google updates and making sure everything we do for our clients is future-proofed.

We're committed to helping you achieve the best results possible for your business. As long as you understand that SEO is constantly evolving, we're dedicated to keeping up with these changes.

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