Who killed seo in law school?

Professor Yang learns that he was stabbed by Ki Du-seong and alleged self-defense. He's the same man who stabbed Professor Yang.

Who killed seo in law school?

Professor Yang learns that he was stabbed by Ki Du-seong and alleged self-defense. He's the same man who stabbed Professor Yang. Episode 16 of Law School begins this ending with Assemblyman Ko at the police station. He has been arrested and he is awaiting trial.

Then we returned several days earlier with the group working together to frame Ko. This comes from using Ko's enemies that he has won over time, and also from Judge Kang's integrity. As we all know, this includes dressing Sol-A as Kang Dan, which brings us up to speed with last week's reveal. The popular legal drama Law School aired its last episode on June 9.The last episode of the Law School was well received in Korea and scored well at 6.1% across the country.

The drama also worked well on Netflix. However, there were mixed reactions at the end of Law School. Some believe that the drama ended well, while others believe that the conclusion could have been better. Jong-hoon meets with Hyeong-woo to convince him to work against Hyeong-su.

Jong-hoon plays a voice recording, and Hyeong-woo realizes that Hyeong-su is involved in a murder case. Yes, there will be backstories about the students, especially Kang Sol A and Han Joon-hwi (Kim Bum), one of the best students who has a connection with Seo. Han Joon-hwi shows a photo of Choi Jae-cheol, who worked for an ankle brace manufacturer and who visited Ki Du-seong. Prosecutor Jin appears at the hospital, and Professor Yang wonders why Lee Man-ho called him before his altercation with Ki Du-seong and asks the prosecutor to investigate thoroughly and not play with him.

He believes that Ki Du-seong was ordered to kill Lee Man-ho. When he arrives late from vacation, one of the students goes to his office and finds Seo dead. The entire story of Professor Seo, the show's actual driving plot, is completely wrapped in an indifferent shrug to focus on a tired and clichéd trope of taking down the big bad president. Han Joon-hwi tells Professor Yang that he doesn't think Lee Man-ho would have misbehaved and attacked Ki Du-seong because he wanted to see his son; he also believes that someone asked Lee Man-ho to kill Professor Seo and believes he is related to his son.

Things get a little complicated when the teacher leading the trial, Seo Byung-ju (Ahn Nae-sang), who also made a big contribution to the school in creating the mock test program, decides to take a break. Professor Seo tries to turn around, but Assemblyman Ko stops him and reminds him that he has been drinking and asks him to think about his family. The flashbacks show that Assemblyman Ko was in Professor Seo's car, and he was rushing him, declaring that he was late. We go back a few months to see Seo return to Yang's class after making his donation and telling him that he should come back to try cases.

He wonders if he knew he was looking for his son and asks how there was a passenger in Professor Seo's car the night of the hit and run. Following her own experiences in domestic violence, Ye-Seul helps a girl named Seong-Hui going through the same thing as her. It looks like he's going to inject Yang's arm until the prosecutor runs out of time and questions why he killed Seo. Yang is actually a former prosecutor, who became a teacher at the school after the trauma of having to try Seo, the chief prosecutor and his boss, in a bribery case.

He tells him that he doesn't think anyone else is in the car and asks the prosecutor to accept Ki Du-seong's self-defense demand and give the public what they want.

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